Fractal Venturi HP-12 PWM case fan


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  • Featuring true FDB-bearings
  • Equipped with a counter-balanced magnet
  • Integrated vibration-dampening corners
  • Notches on the blades further reduce and diffuse any humming noise

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Fractal Venturi HP-12 PWM case fan technical specs

Product NameFractal Venturi HP-12
Size [mm]120x120x25mm
Colors availableBlack blades, black corners,
dark grey (“Gunmetal”) frame
Screw hole pattern105x105mm
Connector4-pin fan header
Number of blades7
Rotational speed [RPM]1800
Acoustical noise [dB (A)]31.7
Maximum air flow [CFM]61.4
Maximum air flow [m 3 /h]104.3
Maximum pressure [mm H 2O]2.3
Actual input power [W]1
Maximum rated input current [A]0.2
Nominal input voltage [V]12V
Minimum startup voltage [V]6V
Low (0-20%) PWM speed400 RPM
Low PWM Static pressure0.45 mm H2O
Low PWM Air flow15.4 CFM
26.2 m3/h
Low PWM Noise level< 10 dB (A)
MTBF [hours]150
Unit weight [g]179
Package weight [g]225
Cable length [mm]500
Cable typeBraided all-black ribbon wire
Packaging dimensions (mm)
(Including hanging tab)
Packaging dimensions (mm)
(Excluding hanging tab)

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Case fan


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